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According to researchers divorce rates were plunging because modern men were keener to make their marriages work.
A report from the Marriage Foundation has said that men who marry are now more serious of their commitments and were less inclined to stray.
In contrast, men who were unsure about their relationships were more likely to slide into easily-formed co-habitations, which were more l




The lawyers representing government against the landmark case brought by four Christians in Strasbourg court told the court that Christians may have to sacrifice their jobs if they want to express their religion at work.
They urged human rights judges in Strasbourg to reject the case brought by four Christians who said they suffered faith-based discrimination.
The lawyers insisted that wo




In a surprising attack judges, with the support of the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Judge, and led by Lord Justice Goldring, the senior presiding judge for England and Wales, the judiciary has warned that some of the measures, which even the Ministry of Justice was circumspect about, were potentially disastrous.
The Government was planning to put police and crime commissioners




Right to buy scheme which was planned to bring in more first time buyers into the housing ladder by giving huge discounts has not been attracting many takers if the schemes affectability in Welwyn Hatfield could be taken into consideration.

It has been found that only six homes were sold in the last quarter under the scheme in Welwyn Hatfield with only £500,000 realised for the six proper




Immigration officers who would have no formal training to assess English language skills of foreign students could bar them for lacking good enough knowledge of English.
Students who have already passed approved language tests and have applied for visas to study in the UK could be stopped from gaining place at colleges or universities if immigration officers decide that their English was not




The confidentiality of tax affair of individuals’ is at stake with the new tax on child benefit coming into force next January.
Though the critics are raising point that it was a breach of HMRC’s obligation to keep individuals’ tax details a secret, HMRC say a 2005 Act of Parliament was armed with the authority to take such action.
That parent in a family who earn more than £50,000 a year




Government’s flagship scheme to get young people into work, known as the "Youth Contract" programme which is directed towards the age group of 18-24 who are finding it difficult to get a hold on the employment ladder.
The new scheme would give incentives to employers to employ younger workers by the Government (i.e. the taxpayer) making payments of £2,275 for each unemployed 18-24 year old tak




With the Olympics at the doorsteps everything else seems to be coming to a standstill.
Along with other services which could be affected during the Olympics the Courts in and around London would have to be closed as a result of the transport chaos which is being expected from July 23.
All the crown courts in London are expected to be affected with Old Bailey losing half of its 18 courts f




The wave of mass marketed frauds had been having a distressing effect of the lives of millions of people. The scams happen through post, phone, and email and cost an estimated £73 billion a year.
This month an awareness campaign urging the consumers to be aware and stay alert has been launched by Trading Standards.
The most common form of scams or methods of fraud include fake lotteries, p